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Posts tagged movie review

Jan 6 '10

Casshern (?love-hate?)

Casshern is based on on an anime series from 1973.It is Japanese film, therefore I watched it with subtitles

Movie watching Rule: You know when a movie has you hooked when you forget that you are reading subtitles.

The acting in the movie was very good, as for almost all the characters had their moments of overwhelming passion pour onto the screen. Only 10 minutes into the film, and my bf and I were already teary eyed.

It is a story that takes place somewhere in the future.In a post apocalyptic society where pollution and war have destroyed most of the earth. A young man  is chosen by fate to fight against the neo-saphiens. The neo-saphiens are indiviuals that were created by accident in a lab. From there, the story continues with fight sequences, and an anti-war plot that reveals the horrors of violence and hatred.

This movie does a very good job of intertwining the ideas of fate, afterlife,love and science. This is a movie that has substance, and is a  bit melodramatic but of course all movies tend to be just a tad melodramatic.

The conclusion

Emotions have a powerful influence on decisions that one makes, and a person has to be able to find the balance.

The contrast between love and hate is  dangerously blurred  because ultimatley  they require the same amount of passion to fuel both emotions.

My question is ..

IF love and hate  can both fuel a person with a passion ?

Is it possible to live without hatred as much as it is to live without love?

Dec 29 '09

(Garden State)

Zach Braff- plays a young man who is emotionally numb and after 9 years visits his hometown for his mothers funeral..( very different from his scrub character)

Natalie Portman- plays an innocent young woman who is full of life, that out of random bumps into zach’s character ( this is different than portman’s usual type casts, which is playing girls who are mature for their age )

This is a very nontraditional movie. In the sense that the pace is different then other movies, and it has a unique quirkiness. I have seen this movie a couple of times and I enjoy the fact that every time I  watch it, i notice something unique.What intrigues me the most as that this movie does not lean towards the cliche of a chick flick and the cliche of a dick flick, but it finds itself to be perfectly balanced beyond the world of cliches.

I want to be able to be able to absorb the positive themes in every movie and apply them to my life.It seems irrational to watch movies, and take them so seriously, but as cheesy as it may sound, people only get what they watch from the movie.

The movie’s theme is Unique.

And searching, fighting for the ability to feel unique and to remember that

passion is the key factor in living a happy life. This relates to the philosophy of Hume.

For those who like to watch movies that want to  astray from the linear movie path then I must recommend this movie.

So my challenge for the weak is too remain as unique as possible.