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Jan 4 '10

The Goods and Four Christmases

So, the other night I had a double feature of both of these comedies


The Goods: live hard, sell hard is a movie  that does not have any intricate plots.Since, it is from the creators of step brothers the type of humor is very similar raunchy and blunt. Jeremy Piven is the main actor and he plays a car salesman (the best of the best ) .In the movie, he is called in to help a temecula dealership. At this dealership there are many different characters , and randomized relationships occur. It also has many recognizable actors from the hangover   and from stepbrothers.I will admit that I enjoyed step brothers, but I only  enjoyed the goods to an extent.The whole movie is an over-glorified joke, the types  of jokes  that probably exist in the mind of a middle-aged drunk man, and yes some of the jokes are good.. My favorite was the DJ, and the Vietnam veteran.

The conlusion,

A movie with a thick plot this is not ..

1)the theme that I learned was if a 10- year old boy looks like a grown man than it is ok to  want to fuck them..=]

2) And that it is OK to yell obscenities if you are a veteran =]


Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon play a couple who  do not believe in marriage and for the holidays they go on vacation every year, but this year their flight is delayed and there is no possible way to avoid their divorced families. This comedy is more of a slapstick humor with the underlying theme, of whether having a family is better than living life as a happy couple.These movies are at the opposite side of the spectrum, and of course this is one of those movies that, if it did not have big celebrity names than of course it would not have done well at all.

The Concluding themes

A reoccurring symbol through out the movie is of course the babies, for babies represent responsibility.

1) Every time I hold a baby I will think about responsibility, and how great life is with out it

Even though both of these movies were not that bad, they did not leave me fulfilled, because I enjoy a movie that has more weight =].

Let’ s see what happens when I apply these themes to my life.